FashionOS - Down Right Mad as ***

Ozark, Alabama 1 comment

I ordered 2 different dresses from this website that were supposed to be custom made and when I received the dresses they looked like garbage(in nicer terms).They wanted picture after picture to show that the dresses were not what I ordered.

I had to open a dispute through Pay pal to even get their attention. They then only reimbursed me half my money to take them to a tailor and have them fixed. I don't even want to I want to throw this s**t in the trash.

Don't buy from this company.I hope they shut down for good.


Brick Township, New Jersey, United States #632690

hi can you post a picture of what you asked for and what you received. I have been trying to find reviews for this site but yours is the only negative one I've seen. I dont always trust positive reviews as they could be staged.


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